05 February 2012

5th of February

Farm news
Well not much happening down on the farm this week. We got a few cool days so I managed to finish off the CPDN work units. I also managed to do a few GPUgrid work units. Today got above 30 degrees so the farm was off in the afternoon.

I rang the shop and will return the 750w Seasonic power supply that doesn't have sufficent PCIe power connectors. I will trade up to a 850w Seasonic which apparently has 4 PCIe power connectors.

I also rang the company that had the rack-mount case however they cannot find sufficent details on their web site. I need to give them links to their own site so they can find the information.

BOINC testing
7.0.14 came out so I have that on 2 machines. Why 2 when I normally only put alpha versions on 1 machine? Well this one has some changes around gzip file unzipping so I want to test that. I know CPDN has gzipped files, so I have it running a few CPDN work units to see how it handles them. Other than that there are a few minor tweaks.

I am still discussing cache testing with Dr Anderson, who didn't think my test was a valid one, but will have to see what his latest response is. Put simply I don't think it builds up a GPU cache (but it does for CPU) and believe its a bug that needs to get fixed before it can be released.

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