12 February 2012

12th of February


That folks is my GPUgrid badge, now that I have finally passed 50 million credits.

BOINC testing
7.0.15 came out late last week so I have updated the 2 test machines. They had a fix in this for gzipped files as WCG were having issues with the new up-compressing logic. I'm not on WCG so I hadn't noticed. They were working okay for CPDN. Its still got its GPU work fetch issue.

Farm news
I took the 750w Seasonic power supply back, but it turns out there was no reason to. While it only has 2 PCIe power connectors on the side of the power supply there are a number already hard-wired into it as well. Now its back home.

I went to upgrade Maul so it had 2 x GTX560Ti cards but it seems there isn't enough room for them. The 2nd PCIe slot leaves about 2 or 3mm from the 1st card, which means the fan won't get much air flow (its in the middle of the card). The 3rd PCIe slot is even better, the cables connecting various bits to the motherboard hit the fan and the power supply is about 5mm away from the fan. Again not ideal for air-flow. So its still only got 1 in there.

Still no news regarding the case for the Adventure 2800. I will chase them up next week.

I made another donation to GPUgrid, so they should have enough to get one of those new ATI graphics cards and look at getting it to work with their science app.

GPUUG news
The GPU Users Group got a huge donation from one of their members. It has finished off both the fund-raisers they had running and left some money over for whatever is next. A big thank you to Graham Middleton for his generosity.

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