26 January 2012

26th of January

And here is the news this Australia Day 2012

BOINC testing
We got up to 7.0.11 this week. It still has a few things to iron out, pretty much the same as 7.0.8. The manager has annoying button resizing depending on what you click and how big the text is. It also still doesn't build up a GPU cache.

Farm news
The farm has been off most of the week as its been hot and humid. In fact they are forcasting rain for the rest of the week, but at least the temperature has dropped a bit.

I still have a couple of CPDN full-res ocean work units to complete, so have started up that machine in the hope we can get them done by the end of the month (if I leave it running 24/7). I have also been doing some of the BOINC testing so Maul has been running for the last few days.

GPU Users Group
The GPUUG finally managed to finish off their 45 HDD fund raiser. They have now got 2 running. One is for a dedicated Astropulse server. The second is a replacement download server to replace a couple of older servers that currently are having issues.

Given my donations to the 45 HDD fund raiser it will take a while until my credit card recovers and I can consider a donation. It will be directed to the download server as I think its more important.

Project news - GPUgrid
They have introduced project badges. There are two sorts. One for overall work done and another set for work done towards publications. As they do more and more publications its possible to accumulate a number of these. The overall work done images are based upon amino acids and the publication ones are the water monecule. They have applied the badges retroactively (ie we have all been given the badges for work done previously).

I have also made a donation towards them, not much, but I think it important that they get some funding support for the work they are doing and maybe they can pickup a graphics card or two. They are looking at getting their app to work on the new ATI graphics cards.

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