07 January 2012

7th of January

BOINC testing
We're still on 7.0.7 so no changes from my last post on the subject. I expect there will be a new version next week as people return from holidays.

Its still got 2 main bugs that I think need fixing before its releasable. The auto-resizing of the buttons in the manager and the work-fetch for GPU (more precisely the lack of).

There is also a questionable decision to not over commit the CPU if there are multi-threaded jobs running, which will quite often lead to an idle CPU core.

There have been reports of 3 projects (Almergrid, BURP and Constellation) rejecting all work from the newer client presumably because of the new certificate structure.

Farm news
Not much happening on the farm this week. Weather was hot most of the week so everything was off. Yesterday cooled down so I fired up 3 machines and banged-out a few work units. Its going to be hot for the next 5 days so I have started powering them off again.

GPU Users Group
They are still trying to finish off their 45 HDD fund raiser. They need another $1,560 to complete it.

iPad port of BOINC
See my previous post. A few people have downloaded it. Maybe it will progress to a working version this year, but don't hold your breath.

Project news - Einstein
They have discovered another new pulsar.

Project news - Seti
They are having some issues giving out work. Its not the network bandwidth this time as that has dropped off and file transfers are quick now. Its an issue with the scheduler not giving work out.

Short-term plans
1. Put another GTX560Ti in Maul. I need to replace the power supply with a modular unit.
2. Get the Adventure 2800 in a case and running
3. Get the 12 core machine sorted out
4. Sell off the old graphics cards (on eBay)

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