04 January 2012

iPad port of BOINC

There was some discussion on the BOINC Dev mailing list this week about people working on an iPad port of BOINC.

I paid a developer to port BOINC to the iPad. Unfortunately he didn't finish it so the source is incomplete. It consists of an RAR archive containing an Xcode 10.6 project with the 3 support libraries (c-ares, curl and wxWidgets) required to compile BOINC. He did not do the GUI, nor did he complete the code conversion to Objective C so its quite likely useless. I don't have a Mac so can't test it.

You can download from here: http://augurtbbs.com.au/downloads/dlindex.html

Warning: Its 128 Mb in size


benderr2001 said...

Hi there, Mark!

Came across your post here while looking for an iPad app for BOINC. Is there a compiled version available? I'm not a programmer and am a PC guy so don't have any idea about MAC OS 10 and such.

Pls email me at crmguru2001@gmail.com! Thanks!!

Mark G James said...

This version doesn't run on the iPad as it hasn't been compiled with Objective C yet, nor has the GUI been done. It's only useful (possibly) to someone who wants to finish it off.
- MarkJ

Mark G James said...
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