29 November 2012

29th of November

Last weekend it was off to the computer shop with another one of the Core 2 quad machines and I brought back a P8Z77 with a 3rd generation i7 and 8Gb of RAM. I still have 2 more to replace.

Basically we're cannibalising the HDD, DVD and power supply to make them. These last three machines still work, its just that they use about 100 watts of power but aren't that fast. The replacements are using about 80 watts and are pretty fast, not to mention having twice the number of cores.

I am deliberately not putting GPU's in these as I want them to be fairly energy efficient although they could be easily upgraded later.

Project news - Seti
Last week their scheduler was having issues and in the end they disabled it. This week they have moved the splitter processes off to another machine in an attempt to improve things.

They are still pushing their Multi-Beam v7 science app in the hope that the extra processing will slow down the work requests but I think all that will do is buy them some time (once they get it rolled out) until the CPU's and GPU's catch up again. It will take a while before the updated science app can be rolled out.

Project news - Einstein
They passed the 800 Tflop processing barrier. This is probably because of people switching from Seti to a more reliable project like Einstein. Of course Einstein has much better funding than Seti.

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