04 November 2012

3rd of November

One of the old Acer Veriton V7900 machines died a while back. I decided it was time to replace it. Unfortunately the Acer case wasn't really suitable as it has next to no airflow, so I purchased the Fractal Designs ARC midi case. You can see it alongside another Acer.
Here you can see them from the top. As you can tell the ARC midi is a bit taller, a bit wider and a bit longer, but not by much.
Here is the inside of the machine. Its another Asus P8Z77 motherboard but this time with an i5-3570 CPU as it was replacing a Core 2 quad. Its got the same Noctua U9B cooler as used on the other P8Z77 builds and the same memory. I would have reduced the memory but it seems the distributors don't want to sell 4Gb Kingston Hyper X kits so it got an 8Gb kit. I reused the old hard disk and Seasonic power supply.
As you can see its got lots of room and a few 140mm fans. The idea was to have something fairly energy efficent so this one is running using the built-in graphics.

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