19 May 2013

19th of May

BOINC Pentathlon
As I mentioned last week Asteroids@home were one of the projects being covered in the BOINC Pentathlon. They were the 5th project being run from the 14th to the 19th of May.

Even though I don't qualify as a team I had the farm working away on it. In fact they are still trying to finish off work. They should complete these later tonight even though the pentathlon has finished.

I got the Drobo 5N to replace my Drobo FS earlier in the week. I had an initial problem where it decided it didn't like the drives out of the FS, but a firmware upgrade cured that.

Backup times have gone down from a regular 2 hours and 15 minutes on the FS to just 20 minutes on the 5N. Quite an improvement considering its using the same WD Green drives which aren't particularly quick.

The Raspberry Pi's just keep plodding along. There have been a few updates so I applied them this week to all 5 Pi's.

I am holding off on getting any more Pi's until the Parallella turns up and we can see how it performs, although Parallella is more expensive than a couple of Pi's put together.

I still have not found any decent multi-Pi cases. There was one interesting one where they used some wood and glued HDMI connectors to it. The Pi's stand on their side using the HDMI connector to hold it in place. He had a router underneath the wood and on a 2nd layer had a 7 port USB hub to provide power.

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Chris said...

I'd like to see how you keep the Pis, how about a photo? How hot do they get?