05 May 2013

5th of May

Farm news
Asteroids@home had a problem with their validator. It decided all work uploaded was invalid. The project staff have restarted it and it seems to be behaving now. At one point I had 380+ work units marked as being "validation inconclusive" and then it sends them to another user.

Despite this glitch I just passed the 1 million credits milestone for them about 15 minutes ago. I will now allow a spread of projects rather than concentrating exclusively on Asteroids.

With the cooler weather I am allowing the Intel GPU machines to crunch 24/7 rather than just overnight. My GPUgrid crunchers are also running but only overnight.

Hardware-wise I am looking at replacing the Drobo FS with a Drobo 5N. It is basically an updated FS with the addition of an mSata connector to allow an mSata SSD to be attached, thus making them faster.


Chris said...

So, is Raspberry Pi v1.04 that much faster?

Mark G James said...

I assume you are referring to the Albert@home BRP4U app, which has just been updated to 1.04.

I haven't completed one yet.

I have one running at the moment that is on 44% after 20 hours, so it doesn't look any faster to me.

The other Pi's still have the old app (1.01) and should update when they ask for new work.

Chris said...

Of course, sorry for being unclear.