21 July 2013

21st of July

Farm news
This week continued concentrating on Seti with the Einstein BRP4 app on the Intel GPU's. There was a bit of warm spell during the week so I had to stop crunching on the Nvidia GPU machines and its the middle of winter here in Sydney, Australia.

We got a bunch of Windows updates last week which I finally got around to applying to all the machines this weekend. I also took the opportunity to update the Nvidia drivers to the latest WHQL version. Oh and there was a VirtualBox update as well.

Hardware-wise the shop told me they couldn't get the ASUS P8Z77-V motherboards anymore, so I promptly bought one online. Although to be fair the place I got it from also told me they are discontinued. Hopefully that will arrive next week and the other bits can make their way to the shop for assembly the week after.

I am considering getting a couple of GTX770's to replace my 670's, but I am not in a hurry.

BOINC testing
We got 7.2.5 during the week. The main change is in the way GPU detection is handled now. There have been a couple of reports of it not working properly. Most of the farm is running 7.1.18 but I have 7.2.5 on one machine which appears to behaving. There have been a couple of unreleased versions (presumably for the Android) since 7.2.5 came out.

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