03 July 2013

3rd of July

Farm news
Since my last post I have managed to finish off those CPDN RAPIT or "full-res ocean" work units. They only take about 210-220 hours each on the fast machines.

I also put two of the WD Blue drives into the machines that were running the left over drives from the Core2Quad machines. Looking at one of the old hard disks it says it was made in February 2008. They still work but its safer to replace them before they become a problem.

Now that I have cleared the CPDN work I have the Intel-GPU cluster concentrating on Seti as its total has dropped below that of some of my other projects. The idea is to run it for a while to help bring the points up to a similar level as Einstein. I still have other machines doing Einstein and Asteroids work, just not the Intel-GPU cluster.

They have release their hardware design as open source. They will in a short while be ordering mass production (about 6300 unit) unless there are some last-minute design changes.

There has been some interest in porting the Seti multi-beam app to run on the Parallella, not just from the usual optimised app developers but also from the Parallella design team. The idea is they can show it running an OpenCL app (Seti multi-beam) as a demonstration of what it can do. There is also a fair bit of interest from the crunching community in using them as low-cost computers.

It seems the final design has 1Gb of DDR3 RAM, a dual core ARM A9 processor, a 16 or 64 core Epiphany chip, 1Gbit LAN, 2 x USB 2.0 ports, HDMI connector and a MicroSD card socket.

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