24 June 2013

24th of June

Farm news
Yoda came back from the shop "no fault found". This is what it looked like when I ran memtest86+ v4.0a on it. Its overwriting the video memory with the test pattern.

After downloading the latest version (v4.20) it behaved. I left it running for 24 hours and didn't find anything. Its back to processing, just not Einstein work at the moment until they finish off the Gravity Wave LineVeto search.

The replacement monitor arrived and has been put into service.

The WD Blue hard disks also arrived (the same day as the monitor). I will be putting a couple of them into the Intel-GPU machines that are running old hard disks.

I allowed CPDN to download some RAPIT work units, unfortunately most of the machines got 7 of them. These climate models have been running for over 200 hours so far and still haven't finished. This includes the couple of machines I wanted to replace hard disks. Note to self: Don't select CPDN RAPIT tasks in future, they take too long!

BOINC testing
We got up to 7.1.18 this weekend. It has a few work-fetch tweaks and some stuff around not reporting work if uploading. It still seems to have issues with work fetch if using app_config restrictions.

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