10 June 2013

10th of June

Farm news
It seems Yoda has some serious memory problems. I left memtest86 running and after a few hours it starts writing over video memory. I replaced the memory with some old Corsair 1Gb kits I had and it rebooted a couple of times during memtest. That suggest the motherboard or the CPU are faulty. So it will be off to the shop later this week.

I replaced the hard disk in it but that made no difference. I already suspected it was the memory but it takes a few hours running memtest before anything strange shows up. While I was at it I found a BIOS update so applied it. Of course that didn't make any difference.

I also grabbed a copy of the optimised Seti apps and installed them on all the Intel-GPU machines. I still have a dual GTX660 machine that needs to be updated however the monitor is over on the Intel GPU machines (waiting on a replacement for the dead 17" one to be delivered). Yes I can swap it around but its not urgent.

Raspberry Pi
Daniel Carrion has updated the apps for the Raspberry Pi so you can also get a Seti v7 multi-beam app for them now. See his blog HERE to get the files. A big thank you once again to Daniel.

They have been a bit delayed again. Their current estimate for the early access users (approx. 100) will be the end of June and for the rest of us backers (approx. 6300) will be the end of August.

For those that don't know what a Parallella is, its a small computer very similar to the Raspberry Pi in size. It has a dual core ARM processor along with an Epiphany chip which is OpenCL capable. There are currently 16 core and 64 core Epiphany chips.

If you missed out on backing the project you can still order one - head over to www.parallella.org and you can pre-register for when they become available to the public.

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Unknown said...

RE: SETI on Raspberry Pi

Just a quick one to say that I've updated the SETI v7 package as I forgot to include the v6 client for Astropulse. Sorry about that. Should just be able to download, re-extract and restart the client.