16 June 2013

16th of June

BOINC news
We got 7.1.15 earlier in the week, it has since been superseded by 7.1.17. It contains mostly scheduling fixes. I am waiting on another build as there is a fix for one problem I reported to do with making unnecessary scheduler RPC calls.

There is also an Android version available via the Google Play Store. I don't have any Android devices so haven't seen it.

Farm news
I took Yoda back to the shop for them to work out what is happening with the memory failures. I suspect it will be the motherboard as I have never had a CPU fail, nor have I had issues with Kingston memory.

Last week I updated the Intel-GPU machines with the latest Seti optimised apps. This week I updated one of the Nvidia-GPU machines and allowed it to resume Seti processing. All working as expected.

I have 3 more WD Blue hard disks coming in to replace the various drives in the Intel-GPU cluster. They all were given recycled drives out of the old Core2quad machines I had before. I have swapped out 2 of them but the remaining ones need swapping out. Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow.

The replacement monitor should also arrive tomorrow, so I can at least log on to the Intel-GPU machines. While I can control BOINC on them I can't do any maintenance without moving the working monitor around.

Raspberry Pi news
Daniel Carrion has included the Multi-beam v6 app in his Seti build. When he updated before he included only the Multi-beam v7 app. If you need both (while they run off the v6 work units) you'll need to download it again. He has also completed a v7 work unit in 10 days. You'll need to run a minimal cache as the work units have a 14 day deadline.

Daniel's blog can be found HERE.

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