05 June 2013

5th of June

Farm news
Had a couple of weird things happening with Einstein work on one Intel-GPU host. It was failing a lot of the Lineveto work units.

I thought it might be memory issues so I took it off line and had it running Memtest86 for four hours which didn't find anything. I did however discover the DVD reader in it had failed, so had to replace that. I also ran a disk check which didn't find anything wrong. After bringing it back online I found it only happens when it tries to run 8 at a time. 7 at a time work fine. So I restricted it to run only 4 at a time using an app_config file.

The 17" LCD monitor that I was using on the KVM for the Intel GPU machines decided to die as well. I have ordered a 22" one from Dell. It was 10 years old.

I had a GPUgrid cruncher which failed one (and only 1) as well but it wasn't running 8 of them. That suggests to me they may be faulty work units but other users seem able to process them.

I recycled 4 Acer Core2Quad machines before Christmas and used the DVD and hard disks in the Intel GPU machines. I have purchased a couple of replacement DVD readers. The hard disks which also came out of the Acer machines are likely to get replaced as well. I have a couple of WD Blue drives as spares which will now get swapped in. I need a few more in order to do all 4 Intel GPU machines.

BOINC testing
We're testing 7.1.x at the moment. We got 7.1.3 this week which has some scheduler improvements around excluded GPU's. I put it onto the machine throwing all the errors for Einstein and so far haven't had any issues.

Seti Multi-beam v7
The optimisers have released a new windows installer for those that don't know how to do their own app_info file. It contains all the necessary updated apps. They had a problem hosting them on the Lunatics website so please use either of the links below:

  • Crunchers Anonymous site HERE (in the US)
  • Mikesworld site HERE (in Germany)

I need to download them myself so I can update my machines. I prefer to edit my own app_info file as the one created by the installer tends to have a lot of unneeded entries (so you don't lose any existing work if you have it).

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