15 August 2013

14th of August

Farm News
The farm continues to concentrate on Seti work for the moment.

I picked up new i7 on the weekend and installed stuff on it. Unfortunately I don't have a long enough KVM cable for it, in its new location. I have ordered another (longer) one so I can get it hooked up.

I had to reimage one of the Raspberry Pi's as it wouldn't let me access it except by plugging in a keyboard, mouse and monitor. That fixed the access issue but the image I have is from April and so I had to apply a fair few updates after that.

I have started getting some bits for the Parallella's. I'm not sure when they will arrive but thought I should start getting ready. I needed a couple of USB to Micro-USB adapters so I could plug in a keyboard and mouse. I also got a MicroSD card for it. I still need to get a power adapter and might rearrange the ones running the Raspberry Pi's. I'll probably get a few dual-USB power packs otherwise I will run out of power points.

The Orbit@home project is looking to restart in "the Fall of 2013" to quote their words. They have received some funding from NASA.

Project News - Asteroids
They release optimised apps for all platforms. The Raspberry Pi's had about a 1/3rd speed up. The Windows and Linux users are reporting a 50% speed up. There are even further optimisations in the works (ie using the AVX and SSE3 instruction sets) which are still being tested.

Project News - Einstein
They've moved the BRP4U app from the beta test project (Albert) to their main project, so when the Raspberry Pi's stopped getting work I attached them to Einstein.

They still have the BRP4 work units running on the Intel HD graphics using an OpenCL app.

Their beta test project is also testing a new content management system (Drupal) so they have reworked all the web pages. It takes a bit of getting used to.