25 August 2013

25th of August

Farm news
I got the KVM cable on the weekend so the new i7 is off and running now. I spent a bit of time on Saturday.setting up projects applying windows updates, etc.

I also got a couple more of the Belkin dual-USB power adapters during the week. I have removed the individual ones so the power board they were plugging into now has a few free sockets. I also tidied up the cabling a bit with a few cable ties. They all running quite happily at the moment.

The Seti WOW challenge is still running so I am staying away from Seti for the moment except for the one machine that has dual GTX660's.

Project news - Asteroids
Last week they released an SSE3 optimised app. This week they released an SSE2 one for older computers. The scheduler has been sending these out so I've been getting a mixture of SSE2 and SSE3 apps. After about 10 results the scheduler can determine which is the fastest and only sends that app. There is about 1 minute difference between the two apps when running on my i7 machines. They take about 30 minutes a work unit. The project admin has mentioned they will look at increasing the work unit size later.

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