03 September 2013

3rd of September

Farm news
Its started warming up now so I have shut down the GPU crunchers. That leaves the Intel GPU machines and the Raspberry Pi's running.

I received my confirmation email from Adapteva confirming I was getting 2 Parallella boards but only one case. I have now paid for an additional case. I am waiting on further news from them at the end of this week which will probably just be an order confirmation.

I ordered some USB to 2.1mm barrel connector cables off eBay. The US power packs that Adapteva sell won't fit into an Australian power point. I have a number of 1 amp USB power packs now (after moving the Raspberry Pi's onto dual-USB power packs) so with these cables I should be "Parallella Ready".

Asteroids project news
Their server crashed and they were off-line for a few days this week. They are back up now and have had to put their database on another machine to reduce load on their main server. They have another server on order so there will be a scheduled outage at some point when they are ready to switch over.

Despite the server being off-line I have managed to climb up to 9th place on the rankings for the project. I expect I will be dropping soon because they have large numbers of download failures.

I have over 900 work units fail to download in the last day. These ones don't even start due to missing files. The project has set the error count to 20 so it will try and send the same work unit to 20 different people before marking the work unit as failed. The BOINC client thinks it has a comms error so it backs-off up to 24 hours and stops communicating with the project. I will have to switch to another project for a few days while they sort out this issue.

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