30 September 2013

30th of September

Farm news
Its getting hot! I've had to reduce crunching to overnight at the moment, with the occasional all-day run when it stays cool for a day or so.

At the moment the farm is concentrating on CPDN RAPIT (full resolution ocean) tasks. They take around 10 days each. The problem with running these is they exclude everything except GPU work from running. To make matters worse I get errors while trying to upload their step files (which are approx. 52Mb each). I have a couple that failed but I can't report them either.

Project news - Asteroids
They finally came back online on Thursday last week. Their was then a lot of contention to upload completed work seeing as everybody else was trying to do the same. The back log of work getting uploaded was so great they had to run additional instances of their validator to get through all the uploaded results.

This week they released revised optimised apps which are a bit faster again and should resolve a bug that prevents completed tasks from validating. The project admins have indicated they will be looking to increase the size of work units now they have faster apps.

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