08 October 2013

8th of October

Farm news
On and Off is probably the best way to describe the past week. We had a few hot days so the farm was off for those and a few cooler days where the Intel GPU machines were running. The farm is still concentrating on CPDN work with their 240+ hour full resolution ocean (RAPIT) work units.

While that's going on I am running the Einstein BRP4 work units on the Intel GPUs. They take around 13 minutes a work unit so between 5 machines they can get a fair few completed in a day.

The Raspberry Pi's are also happily running a mix of Einstein BRP4U and Asteroids work units.

Climate Prediction woes
Its been a rather frustrating two weeks. I can't upload most of the CPDN results. The uploads are failing part of the way through. I have tried using UK-based proxy servers and no proxy server but it seems to make no difference. I even went back to an older version of the BOINC client just to prove that it wasn't the alpha-test version I use. Some of the step files have tried 26 times to upload.

To make matters worse I get "HTTP Internal Server error" messages when trying to report the few work units that have completed. Two work units have failed and a few have managed to upload their result files. You get 4 step files per work unit - if they work. I won't be doing any more CPDN work any time soon.

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