08 September 2013

9th of September

Farm news
We had a warm weekend so I took the opportunity to clean some of the rigs. These are a couple of the Fractal designs ARC Mini cases that have ASUS P8Z77 motherboards. They have a metal grill with foam inside which traps the dust coming into the case so one has to remove them and wash under a tap.

Without the front panel. Its naked!

And the front panels

Project news - Asteroids
They are still having issues from their server failure last week. While they have got things going most of the files for the work units are missing so all the downloads are failing, It takes some hours running a script to keep asking the project for work before one can actually get them.

They released an updated optimised app today as well, which isn't the best timing. It would have been better to wait until the download issues are resolved. It seems to be about one third faster than the previous one.

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