27 December 2014

I7-5820k builds

These are the 6 core/12 thread machines that I got just before Christmas. They are replacing a couple of i7-970 based machines with basically the same configuration, just newer. I spent Boxing Day decommissioning the old machines and moving boxes around, installing software, etc.

I would have liked to get the top of the line CPU but the price difference was almost $800, to gain extra PCIe channels and 1 extra core/2 threads.

About the only thing I might adjust at this point is to move one of the top fans to the front of the case as I think the air-flow is out of balance, that is there are more fans removing air than drawing air into the case.

Fractal Designs ARC Midi R2 case
Seasonic 750w modular power supply
Asus X99A motherboard
Intel Core i7-5820k CPU (6 cores/12 threads @ 3.3Ghz)
16Gb (4 x 4Gb) Kingston DDR4 memory @ 2133Mhz
Corsair H80i sealed water cooling, replaced fans with Noctua
2 x EVGA GTX750Ti graphics cards
Pre-loved WD Black 1Tb HDD
Intel 520 series 120Gb SSD
Generic DVD reader

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