31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014

This is my final 2014 post. Its around 11pm on New Years eve as I type this.

Farm news
The i7-5820's have been getting a bit of a work out this last week to get an idea of their performance. They seem to be about the same as the i7-3770's. I've run Asteroids, Einstein and Seti work through so far. It is better than the i7-970's that they are replacing but not as good as I wanted. I have hoped that going from a 1st generation to a 5th generation i7 would have provided greater improvements, but it seems not.

Apart from the new machines I have also been updating the Raspberry Pi's. I managed to remove x11 from them which free's up almost 100k of memory and around 800Mb of disk (SD card) space. The latest updates include the Linux kernel and boot loader..I got concerned when it said it was going to remove packages boinc and boinc-manager, but it seems it leaves boinc-client behind. The last time I tried it you couldn't remove x11 without taking out BOINC. The upgrade takes a few hours to get installed, followed by another 30 minutes removing the x11 junk so if you are going to do it allow plenty of time.

Next year
I have a few things I would like to get done. The "to do" list:

  • I would like to spend some time sorting out the Alpha Server DS15 and see if I could actually get BOINC installed on it.
  • I have some ideas about getting a rack and transplanting the Intel-GPU machines into it.
  • GTX970 upgrades and maybe free up two more i7-3770's to go into the rack.
  • Get the Skeleton running with the PCIe expansion board

All the best for the new year.

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