11 January 2015

11th of January

The weather has been hot so everything has been off for the last two weeks, except for the Parallella's and Raspberry Pi's. At the moment they are out of work due to Einstein@home having a problem with their upload server.

I took the opportunity to take the Parallella's apart and clean them. I have a 60mm fan mounted on top of the standard case so they accumulate dust. The fan blades have built up dust as well as the Parallella board and inside of the case having fine powdery dust.

Today turned cooler so I have fired up the entire Intel-GPU part of the cluster (6 machines) and the two new 6 core/12 thread machines. The Intel-GPU machines are doing Asteroids work. The 6/12 machines were running a mix of Seti and Asteroids wok.

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