28 June 2015

28th of June

Farm news
We're back to running ANZ climate models. CPDN threw out a few thousand and I managed to get 98 of them. I had to do some "manual intervention" to get BOINC to pick up these as all the machines had a full load of Asteroids work in flight.

The farm is currently struggling to upload all the result files now the first batch of 32 CPDN work has completed. There are lots of big files trying to upload at once. Despite having a theoretical upload speed of 1Mbit (Speedtest says 700Kbits) I can only get around 100Kbps to the CPDN servers. I am managing it by suspending file transfers and only allowing 2 machines at a time to upload and only a single transfer each. Of course the work units all finish around the same time which is why I need to manage it.

File Server
The cable for the RAID controller that is destined for the file server still hasn't arrived so that task is yet to be finished. At least the shop has the replacement case fan.

The replacement UPS arrived on Monday and was put into service straight away. Its the same as the previous model so the software to monitor it and the cable to the computer are the same. No changes required there at least.

I am looking at a couple of Linux distributions too. I have tried Debian 18 but got stuck. Where's the sudo command gone? You can install sudo from the repo but then you aren't in the group to use it so I gave it the flick. I have a old copy of Mint 15 on CD so also gave that a try but it looks like the repos are no longer available.

I am trying this on an old Pentium 4 and keep unplugging the hard disks from it so I can clean install it and then go back to what it had later. I have a box of old hard disk drives so swapping  a PATA one out isn't a problem.

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