05 July 2015

5th of July

Farm news
The second batch of climate models that I had running finished and were getting upload issues. They needed a bit of manual intervention to get them through. Their files are rather large and when you have multiple machines trying to upload at the same time its very easy to max out what little upload bandwidth there is. I usually manually allow them to upload 2 at a time to work around this. Another project that also has huge files to upload is GPUgrid, but at least theirs are once the work unit has completed.

Th cable for the RAID card finally turned up and so the file server now has its hard disks in a RAID 6 configuration.

While I was in the computer shop sorting out the RAID I also got a 1Gb PCI network card for the old file server and a replacement power supply. The fan in the old power supply is making all sorts of noises so is likely to fail soon. The replacement power supply has too many pins on the motherboard power connector for the ancient Pentium 4. I will have to use it in another machine. The network card has been installed and is working fine.

BOINC funding expires
Dr Anderson announced to the mailing list that the funding from the NSF ran out so there are now no dedicated BOINC developers. It will become a volunteer effort to maintain and update it. I am not too sure what that means for its future. Hopefully some of the suggested changes that have previously been ignored will get incorporated into it. I would have liked to see development of the Superhost idea too.

The details can be found here: http://boinc.berkeley.edu/trac/wiki/ProjectGovernance

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