20 July 2015

20th of July

Farm news
We are mostly crunching Seti work on the Intel-GPU machines, Asteroids and GPUgrid on a couple of the Nvidia-GPU machines. I finally finished off the last of the climate models yesterday and managed to get them uploaded.

BOINC news
We got 7.6.6 to test this week. The main change with this one is to check for files being locked and wait a second if they are before retrying. This should correct the issue of truncated stderr files being uploaded. The preferences were updated back with 7.6.2, so it includes those changes as well. This one is a release candidate. This will probably be the last version for a while seeing as there are no paid developers any more.

Windows 10
Its about 9 days away from release now. I haven't seen it, just some demos on the Microsoft site, however the people using it seem to like most of it. I am told it will be available on a USB memory stick (aka thumb drive). I will need to get one of them if I am updating all the machines but I don't have any immediate plans to update.

Apparently the Home version will have updates applied automatically, but the Pro versions have the option of choosing when to apply updates. This would cause problems for any machine crunching climate models with the Home version because the models don't like being interrupted.

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