26 July 2015

26th of July

Farm news
We're continuing with Seti crunching for the moment.

Last week we got a bunch of Microsoft updates, nothing unusual about that. Its known as Patch Tuesday were MS release their monthly fixes. What was unusual was two days later there was an urgent security update. There is also a microcode update from Intel (its considered optional) which is the first time I have seen one of them.

The Seti optimisers released an updated installer and apps. I spent a bit of time this weekend updating all the machines that run Seti with these new apps and their various configuration files.

Project news - Seti
They got a bit of money for the next 10 years as part of Yuri Milners "Breakthrough Listen" initiative. With the publicity there has also been an influx of new users. This money is expected to be spent on adding receivers on a number of other radio telescopes so they can expand the search from the small portion of the sky that the Arecibo radio telescope can see.

We've already done a fund-raiser so they could build a receiver for the Green Bank, USA radio telescope. I have seen the Parkes, Australia radio telescope mentioned.

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