04 August 2015

4th of August

Farm news
Intel-GPU's are still crunching away for Seti at the moment. We had a few warm days so no Nvidia GPU's were used until today. Currently one is running Seti. The Parallella's and Raspberry Pi's are doing Einstein work.

A new version of VirtualBox (v5) was released. I don't run any projects that use Vbox so I haven't installed it on any of the number crunchers.

Windows 10
Came out with a bang. Lots of interest and much nashing of teeth at the privacy options. You can turn them off as part of the install process, which it should really do by default. I highly recommend people disable most things unless you want it sharing everything about you, your contacts and WiFi passwords. I tried installing it on one of the Intel GPU crunchers. It got hung up installing the HD 4000 graphics driver from Intel, despite the fact I already had them installed. It didn't recognise the monitor so set itself into 1024x764 resolution (my monitors native resolution is 1680x1050). Despite that I spent a bit of time playing around with it. Edge, the new browser was quick as displaying web sites. It also reverted my windows time settings.

In the end I went back to Win7. It might behave better as a clean install but I think MS need to do some more work with the video drivers. It really should let me decide what one I want rather than trying the latest release. Nvidia users are also reporting similar issues where it decides what driver to install regardless of what the user wants. The one it installs doesn't work for number crunching. This was the Pro version too.

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