30 August 2015

30th of August

Farm news
New proxy server machine delivered and its up and running. Older one has been turned off but is still around - just in case.

I've been going through Windows 7 installed updates and deleting the Windows 10 ones off (the ones that are supposed to ease the migration to 10). I read that Microsoft are planning on putting the same telemetry onto Win 7 and 8 so its probably time to look more seriously at running Linux. I don't have anything of interest on my number crunchers but I do like to set them up MY way not the way Microsoft want and that is my main concern, well that and the fact they keep putting broken drivers out.

I finished off the batch of climate models. I need to check the climate prediction website regularly as you never know when new models will be released. Seti were running short of work so I did Asteroids work for a few days before switching back to running Seti tasks.

BOINC updates
We got 7.6.9 this week, which removes a feature they added in 7.6.8 to do with shutting down the core client when its started as a service. There is better reporting of ARM processor features if you're running Linux on an ARM. There is some formatting changes to numbers (thousands separators) and times (show days if greater than 24).

Raspberry Pi updates
They updated their Linux kernel from 3.16 to 4.1 even though they still have not switched over to Debian Jessie yet. You can run Jessie by changing the apt sources.list however the BOINC client in it is 7.4.23 and the current release version is 7.6.6.

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