05 September 2015

5th of September

Farm news
The Intel GPU machines spend most of the week doing Seti and then turned to Asteroids. A few ANZ climate models were release by ClimatePrediction so all the Intel GPU machines are crunching them now.

The Raspberry Pi's and Parallella's are doing Einstein BRP4 work.

A couple of the Nvidia GPU's have been started up this weekend and are doing Seti work.

Parallella and Ubuntu
I found an updated Parallella image that was released 30th of Jan 2015. It is based on Trusty (14.04 which is a long term support release) however it has a more up to date kernel. I have downloaded it and then gone through the process of reapplying my usual changes. This image seems to behave better than the image I had before which I believe is because of kernel and firmware related fixes.

I'm running off the remaining Einstein BRP4 work units and then I will switch over to this newer release. This also gives me the opportunity to get a later BOINC client onto them via LoctusOfBorg's ppa.

BOINC release
The 7.6.9 that I was testing became the release version last week, so if you're running an older version I'd suggest you upgrade to this one.

Future hardware
I mentioned last week the i7-6700 series of CPU's. After looking on the Intel web site today there is some more information. It seems there is an i7-6700K which is 4 core 8 threads running at 4Ghz with a TDP of 91 watts. The only one listed two weeks ago. There are quite a few listed now. There is an i7-6700 4 core 8 threads running at 3.4Ghz with a TDP of 65 watts. I am interested in this lower wattage version at the moment.

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