27 September 2015

27th of September

Farm status
Intel GPU's are running a mix of Climate Prediction regional work units (CPU) and Einstein on their GPU's.

The Nvidia GPU's are also running some Climate Prediction regional work (CPU) and nothing on their GPU's. There are no "short" GPUgrid work units available for the GPUgrid crunchers.

The Pi's and Parallella's are running Einstein BRP work

Win10 upgrades
I spent a bit of time running around to each machine upgrading them to Windows 10. I had one of the Intel GPU machines fail complaining about being unable to boot, but a subsequent attempt worked fine.

I have also updated the GPUgrid machines however they don't have any short work units available so haven't been able to check them. They had an old version of EVGA Precision (2.03) installed on these machines and it didn't work so I need to get a more up to date version. I usually use Precision to control the fan speeds as the cards are already factory overclocked.

I still have the 6 core/12 thread machines to do but wanted to see how the Nvidia drivers work (or don't) under Win10 before doing them.

So far I haven't had many issues, just finding out where things are in Win10 has been the biggest problem. I use the OO-Shut Up program to set a lot of the privacy setting and then work my way through the settings panel for the others. I remove some of the junk they give you like the Xbox app which a dedicated number cruncher really needs. To do that you use powershell commands. I turn off a few services and fiddle with the time synchronisation. I put the old task manager on them and finally let Ccleaner loose to clean things up.

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