19 September 2015

19th of September

Farm news
Raspberry Pi's and Parallella's are running Einstein BRP4 work.

The Intel GPU machines were up until a few hours ago running Seti work, however there is no network connection to Seti or BOINC at the moment. I have switched them over to Asteroids for the time being.

The Nvidia GPU machines have been resting.

Windows 10
I have updated a couple of the Intel GPU machines from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Apart from having to set all the privacy settings and set things up again they seem to be working fine. If there are no problems for a week or so I will update the rest of the Intel GPU machines.

The only reason why I didn't switch to Linux is because setting up a GPU to work with Linux is such a pain and usually doesn't work. If the Linux distro people could get them to work out of the box then I would have switched to Linux.

A number of the Win 7 machines are silently downloading Win 10 despite my removing various windows updates. The file server has also copped the telemetry updates which Microsoft seems to consider mandatory. Apart from MS snooping they seem to want to force people onto Windows 10. A cynical person would suggest that the NSA had a hand in this current direction that Microsoft is going down. Well I haven't got anything to hide as most of my machines are dedicated number crunchers with nothing else on them.

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