22 August 2015

22nd of August

Farm news
The new proxy server bits have arrived at the shop and are being assembled. Not too sure if it will be finished this week or not. The current one is working fine so there is no urgency on this.

Seti had a couple of outages due to network changes on their end as well as their regular weekly outage, so I switch the machines to Asteroids when that happened. I currently get about 5 days a week on Seti and 2 days for Asteroids before switching back again.

Last week had a couple of cool days so I managed to get the GPUgrid cruncher going for quick burst. Their "long" work units take 12 hours each so I only managed to get about 4 work units done.

ClimatePrediction had some new ANZ work units which I missed the week before. This week there were some more and so I have all the Intel GPU machines crunching them. Due to the size of their upload files I am back to managing the uploads which keep getting backed up. I have some "spare" work units as I only run 4 at a time on the i7's. They will take until the middle of next week before they complete.

Hardware upgrades
Intel have announced (if not released) their 6th generation i5 and i7 CPU's. The i5-6600 and i7-6700 series. I am looking into getting the ASUS Z170 motherboard and i7-6700 as replacements for the 3rd generation (i7-3770) machines that I have. I am not too sure if the HD graphics 530 is useful for crunching or not yet.

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