09 August 2015

9th of August.

Farm news
Intel-GPU's mostly doing Seti but they had their regular weekly outage when the farm ran out of work. Then they had a special database backup running just before the weekend so I switched to running Asteroids for a day. Asteroids have also run out of work.

The two GPUgrid crunchers were running work for Asteroids and GPUgrid, but today was warm so the GPU's were set to finish off their work. Due to Asteroids running out of work I started a batch of Einstein work.

The Raspberry Pi's and Parallella's are doing Einstein BRP4 work.

With Windows 10 I am taking a wait and see approach after the initial problems. I might try installing it again in maybe a month or so. As an experiment I might try putting another hard disk into the backup file server and try installing Win 10 on it. Its an old Pentium 4 and only has 1Gb of memory so probably won't work.

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