14 January 2016

14th of January

Farm status
Everything is off. Temps are in the 30's without the any help from the computers :-)

Project news - Seti
On new years day they released their v8 multi-beam app. Data for it isn't compatible with the previous v7 app and no data is being split for the old app so you have to update.

They have only released a CPU app and an AMD GPU app at this point. The other GPU apps are currently being tested on the beta site. I have attached a couple of different machines to the beta project to help in the testing. There aren't any optimised apps yet.


Cato said...

What kind of performance are you getting on Parallella vs RPi?

- Cato

Mark G James said...

Both the Pi2's and Parallella's are running Einstein BRP4 work (currently their beta 1.47 app). The Parallella's run 2 at a time on the ARM and take around 15 hours, The Pi2's run 4 at a time on the ARM and take 45 minutes more (ie 15 hours 45 mins). Neither are overclocked.

Unfortunately the Parallella's Eipiphany chip is unable to do the FFT calculations that Einstein use. If it could then I would expect much better run times.

I prefer the Pi2 for a few reasons:
1. They are cheaper
2. Easier to purchase locally and get accessories (heatsink, case, etc)
3. Doesn't require a fan for cooling