06 February 2016

6th of February

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Running down their cache of Seti work

Nvidia GPUs

Parallellas and Pis
One Pi2 doing Seti Beta, the rest doing Einstein BRP4 work

Project news - Einstein
It seems Debian released an updated ca-certificates that broke connectivity to the project for people running the Jessie release (the Pi's included). They removed a certificate that the project need to validate against.

Fortunately I haven't updated my B+ that's still running Jessie so it can still connect to the project. The Stretch release doesn't have this issue as it has an updated libcurl.

Project news - Seti
They have now got a Multi Beam v8 app that will run on the Pi's and Pi2. Well I haven't tried it on the B+ but it says its for armv6l architecture. This is over on the beta project. I've run a few work units through without problems so far. Times have ranged from 1000 seconds (task overflowed results) to 100,000 seconds elapsed. The average depending on the angle range seems to be around 92,000 to 100,000 seconds.

There is an optimised version of the app available that has been compiled to make use of the Pi2's armv7l CPU features but haven't tried it yet.

Other stuff
I have been using one of the older i7-3770 machines to test Linux functionality and getting BOINC running on it. That's fine for CPU tasks and all is well but I want to also be able to use the Intel HD graphics. I have installed Beignet on it however when testing the Seti beta app it crashed. We think this maybe due to the fact its using GCC v5.0 and the apps are compiled using an older GCC that isn't compatible. Further testing to be carried out. I couldn't get any OpenCL work from Einstein (but plenty of CPU tasks available).

After getting this working I will try and get the Nvidia drivers running under Linux. If it works out then I could get the Intel GPU and Nvidia GPU machines running Linux rather than Windows.

I have also trialled the Intel HD Graphics 530 drivers under Windows and they produce invalid results. I've tried 3 different driver versions and logged a bug with Intel. They told me to deal with the OEM. So much for Intel support.

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