14 February 2016

Valentines Day 2016

Farm status
Intel GPU

Nvidia GPUs

Parallellas and Pis
Running Einstein and Seti Beta

Seti Beta testing
We're still trying to get an app that completes work in a reasonable time. My Pi2's are taking on average 28 hours a work unit. The Parallella that is also running Seti Beta is slightly worse. Given the hot weather (today was 37 degrees C) the only computers running are the Parallellas and Pi's.

A couple of the guys are looking at the code and a couple of others are looking at compile/build options. I think we've exhausted the compile/build options as that's where they started so the only other likely way to get speed improvements are through optimising the code. I suggested the use of fftw wisdom files, however the people looking at the code haven't confirmed that it even uses fftw wisdom files.

I ordered another Pi2, 4 official cases and 5 official power adapters. One of the Pi2's red LED was flashing earlier in the week indicating power issues. The cases are out of stock and won't arrive until April. I was planning on re-casing the 3 existing Pi2's and having one for the new Pi2.

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