14 May 2016

14th of May

Farm Status
Intel GPUs
Running Einstein O1 search overnight. One machine running 4 Weather at home tasks (70% done after 170 hours).

Nvidia GPUs
The 6 core/12 thread machines are running Einstein O1 search overnight.

Raspberry Pis
Running Einstein BRP4 work 24/7.

BOINC testing
We've had 7.6.32 for a little while. I finally put it onto the Windows machines today. I am still waiting for it to come through for the Raspberry Pi's which are on .31 at the moment. The main change is to allow for multiple download servers and if it gets a failure to try the next server on the list.

Parallella's and Pi2's
As I mentioned a couple of posts back I was considering retiring them. They were removed from the farm. The Parallella's had a nice powder-coating of dust due to the fan on top blowing air straight in so I had to give them a clean. Currently they're off.

The Pi2's were also removed from the farm and I have used them for the Beowulf cluster that I wrote the tutorial for. Currently they're off.

Other stuff
With the above Pi3 changes the Pi part of the farm consists of 7 Raspberry Pi3's. Due to the number of power boards and power adapters I am looking at the Anker USB hubs to rationalise the power side of things.

Nvidia has a new GPU chip called the Pascal soon. There will be different versions of them. We're expecting the GTX1080 as a replacement for the GTX980 at the end of May. There is also a GTX1070 due out in June. If I'm replacing any of the GPU cards I would probably get rid of my GTX970's and then look at upgrading the GTX750Ti's but we will have to see how they perform.

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