24 May 2016

24th of May

Farm Status
Intel GPUs
All 6 i7-6700's are running Einstein O1 search (CPU only)

Nvidia GPUs
Both 6 core/12 thread machines are running Einstein O1 search (CPU only)

Raspberry Pis
All 7 Pi3's are running Einstein BRP4 search

Pretty much everything that can is running the Einstein O1 search, apart from two machines. It was warmer earlier in the week so they were only running overnight. The weather has turned cooler so they're running 24/7 at the moment.

I had one Intel GPU machine process some Climate Prediction weather at home2 tasks. They took around 220 hours to complete. Not exactly quick. In comparison the Einstein O1 tasks take 12 to 13.5 hours depending on which machine is running them.

I tried Intel's beta video drivers 4444 on one of the i7-6700 's last week to see if they have finally fixed their OpenCL errors. Nope. I raised a bug with Intel in November 2015. I was looking at a 16 core Xeon cruncher, but it and some other purchases are on hold until Intel fix their bugs.

Pi stuff
The Raspberry Pi's have reached a recent average credit of 3000 after a couple of weeks running 24/7. I have had to replace an SD card in one Pi as its been getting slower and slower. Hopefully the new SD card will resolve the issue.

I can't update Raspbian Stretch. Every time I do the Pi loses the network interface after rebooting and I have to reimage the SD card. I reported it two weeks ago in the Raspberry Pi forums.

I am still waiting on the Raspberry Pi cases and Noctua fans. The cases have been on back-order for a while now. The computer shop didn't order the fans so I had to remind them this week. Three of the Pi3's are naked and just sitting on the cardboard boxes they came in. I am thinking of getting another Pi3 to add to the farm.

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