16 October 2016

16th of October

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Running Seti overnight and some Seti-beta on the iGPU

Nvidia GPUs
Did a burst of Seti on two of them during the week, otherwise off

Raspberry Pis
Running Einstein BRP4 work

Other news
Einstein have started a "Tuning run" of their new Gravity Wave search. From initial reports work units use up to 1.5Gb of memory each. The 4 core/8 thread i7 machines only have 8Gb. I have ordered memory upgrades for 8 of them.

Two of the Raspberry Pi'3's were throwing validation errors on the work they completed so I reimaged and reinstalled them. Fortunately it doesn't take too long to rebuild them. The Rpi is prone to having memory card corruptions from time to time. I've read that I doesn't happen if you use some other media for the root partition (eg an external HDD or USB memory stick).

I was running a test Seti multi-beam app as the developers are looking at why the Intel iGPU's throw so many errors. They did some code changes which made things worse. They are looking at trying to disable the optimisation that get applied by the OpenCL compiler.

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