30 October 2016

30th of October

Farm Status
Intel GPUs
Running Seti and Seti beta overnight

Nvidia GPUs

Raspberry Pis
Running Einstein BRP4 work

Other news
I finished the memory upgrades for the Intel GPU machines. They now have 16Gb of memory.

I've ordered 3 of the WD 1Tb SSHD drives (Solid State Hybrid Drives). I will be putting two of them into the Nvidia machines to see how they go. If things work out I will order more to replace the drives in the Intel GPU machines.

The Pi Drives have been shipped from the WD store in America. I haven't heard from the freight forwarding service yet.

I have reimaged another two Pi's this weekend as they seem to be getting a lot of inconclusive results, although it might not be the Pi's fault. A lot of them seem to be paired with Intel GPUs which we know produces invalid results.

I'm looking at swapping the graphics cards around in the Nvidia machines. I have dual GTX750Ti's in the 6 core/12 thread machines and a single GTX970 in the i3 machines. The 6 core machines can only run a single slot at PCIe x16 and the second slot runs at x4. The i3 machines are able to run dual PCIe x16 slots.

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