13 August 2017

13th of August

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Have been running Asteroids and Einstein work. Currently idle.

Nvidia GPUs
Have been running Seti work. Currently idle.

Raspberry Pis
Running Einstein BRP4 work

Other news
I tried installing Stretch on one of the Intel i3's and had to go back to Jessie to get the desktop back. I thought installing Beignet (the OpenCL package for Intel GPUs) might help the desktop work under Stretch but it doesn't make any difference. There haven't been any updates to the Debian bug that I raised regarding the desktop issues with Intel iGPU's and Stretch. There is a later kernel (4.11) available from Stretch-backports which I have yet to try. Stretch comes with a 4.9 kernel.

The weather has warmed up during the day even though its still winter. The farm is idle during the day and crunching overnight now.

I did software updates to all Raspberry Pis today. After rebooting Pi #5 refused to come back so I had to reimage the SD card and install it again. It cancelled the 5 work units that it had. If Einstein had "resend lost tasks" enabled on their server I could have downloaded them again but it seems they don't have it enabled at the moment.

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