27 August 2017

26th of August

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Seven running Einstein gravity wave work. One off

Nvidia GPUs
Two running Seti work. Two off.

Raspberry Pis
All ten running Einstein BRP4 work.

Power outage
When I came home on Friday I was greeted by a rather quiet computer room. The power had gone off around midday. While the power had come back on only the Raspberry Pi's had automatically restarted.

After restarting the PCs there doesn't appear to have been any damage apart from a couple of work units that got computation errors on one machine. The file server has a UPS so it shuts down automatically after a period of time.

Pi news
I have been updating the Raspberry Pi's to the latest release (Stretch). I reimage the SD card with the Stretch Lite image, boot up with a screen and keyboard attached to the Pi and run raspi-config. After that I can plug it into the network, install the boinc-client and ntp on them, tweak some configuration files and put a firewall on.

I have done all ten number crunchers and they are back doing Einstein BRP4 work. I still need to update the supporting Pi that has a Pi Drive. The Pi Drive means I have to move the root partition across before installing anything on it.

I read an article where they interviewed Eben Upton regarding the Pi3. Eben is the co-founder of the Raspberry Pi foundation. In the interview he is quoted as saying the Pi3 "feels like a 3 year device" suggesting we'll have to wait another 2 years before the next generation of Raspberry Pi becomes available.

Other news
Still waiting for 140mm Fractal fans to replace a failed one. The shop hasn't given me an ETA so I will need to chase them up next week. I am down one machine in the Intel GPU group.

The weather has been warm during the day so only two of the Nvidia GPU machines are running at the moment..

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