16 September 2017

16th of September

Farm Status
Intel GPUs
Five running Seti work, three off

Nvidia GPUs
Three running Seti work, one off

Raspberry Pis
All ten running Einstein work

Other news
There was a Bluetooth bug discovered that effects pretty much everything - Computers, phones car audio even. Microsoft patched Windows last month and the Linux guys had fixes out a couple of days ago. As a general rule I disable WiFi and Bluetooth in my computers when I install them. I prefer wired connections and not getting irradiated. Wired connections are also faster and reliable.

Debian donation
I was in contact with the Debian build farm team regarding the armhf architecture part of the farm. I was going to try and get a couple of machines together to donate to them. The seem to have a bunch of Marvell DB-78x00-BP based computers, but after they wanted them as rack mount that pretty much killed off the idea. Rack mounts are too big and heavy to ship around the world.

I did try and make contact with the local Australian Marvell sales representatives. According to the Marvell website they have one in Melbourne. I sent an email but haven't received any response from them. I may still make a financial donation to Debian instead of hardware so the build farm can be expanded. My reasoning is that they have a long backlog (it looks like 35 days) to build apps so the armhf versions come out much later than the other architectures.

Seti push
Weather-wise its been warm during the day so the Nvidia GPU machines have been running overnight only. I passed 48 million credits for Seti last week and decided everything can run Seti until I hit 50 million. This coincided with Asteroids having a week-long outage for maintenance work.

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