02 October 2017

1st of October

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Five running Seti work overnight. Three off.

Nvidia GPUs
Three running Seti work overnight. One off.

Raspberry Pis
All ten running Einstein BRP4 work

Debian donation
In my previous post I mentioned trying to help their build farm, specifically the armhf part. Attempts to get the Maxwell development boards they use have failed. The local Australian distributor didn’t respond to email or phone calls.

I have donated some money to the project. It will probably go into a general fund as there is no option to leave a comment even.

I updated 4 of the Raspberry Pi’s by using the stretch-backports repo from Debian. See last months post about how to add stretch-backports to a Raspberry Pi.

Due to a couple of bugs which were introduced with 7.8.2 I won’t do the rest just yet. The BOINC release manager at the time didn’t include the fixes even though they were available. We’re hoping there will be a 7.8.3 to address the most pressing issue to do with cleaning out slot directories.

Other news
There are some details of the 8th generation i7’s being released. Looking at the i7-8700 compared to my i7-6700’s it would seem they are a little slower (3.2GHz compared to 3.4Ghz) but have two extra cores while sticking to the 65 watt TDP. There is also talk of a Ryzen 2 and 3 but no details yet.

As you can tell from the farm status the weather is starting to impact the farm. I haven’t quite reached 50 million credits for Seti yet but will resume the other projects once I reach it.

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