08 October 2017

8th of October

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Eight running Einstein gravity wave work

Nvidia GPUs
All off. Were running Seti overnight

Raspberry Pis
All ten running Einstein BRP4 work

Other farm news
I couldn't ssh into Pi #9 so I had to get it to finish off its work and reimage it. Strangely enough I could access it via BOINCtasks but ssh somehow got corrupted.

I hit the 50 million credits for Seti earlier in the week. The Intel GPU machines are now working on Einstein tasks.

The weather is going to be hot tomorrow so everything except the Raspberry Pis will be off again.

Stretch-backports on Rpi updated
While updating Pi #9 I followed the instructions I gave in September 2017 about adding Stretch-backports. They didn’t work. It seems the Debian gpg key signing has problems. To access backports requires the Wheezy and Jessie gpg keys (Debian 7 and 8). I have updated the instructions.

Debian Stretch 9.2
They did a point release to Stretch (9.2) yesterday. There is good news and bad news.

The good news is it has a kernel update to 4.9.0-4 (4.9.51) that allows me to upgrade the Intel GPU machines. ie It resolves the bug of having a blank desktop. I have already upgraded two of them.

The bad news is it has a bug in the Nvidia driver 375.82 which has now crippled my Nvidia GPU machines. I've raised bug 877971 with Debian about it. The driver switches into P8 (idle) mode after about 15-20 minutes of compute work. A reboot gets it back into P2 mode for another 15 minutes or so.

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