15 October 2017

15th of October

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Running Einstein work overnight

Nvidia GPUs
Off most of the week

Raspberry Pis
Running Einstein work

Debian point release
After last weeks Debian 9.2 point release I have been trying different Nvidia drivers. The 375.82 drivers that the point release provided switch into low power mode after about 15 minutes on my GTX1060’s. I raised a bug with Debian and was told its an upstream (Nvidia) problem. There are a few versions of the 375.82 driver in the different repos but they all seem to have the problem. There is a 384.90 driver in experimental that doesn’t have the issue so I have installed it on all of the Nvidia GPU machines.

In addition to the Nvidia driver I have been reinstalling all the Intel GPU machines with the point release as it gets them off Jessie, now that the desktop issue has been resolved by an updated kernel. I had the Intel GPU machines running Einstein gravity wave work overnight.

BOINC testing
There is a BOINC client 7.8.3 out for testing. The BOINC Manager still has the jumping tasks tab/transfer tab issue, as well as the event log losing its date format when it scrolls. I never experienced the buffer overflow issue because I am not running the CPDN project at the moment. BOINC Manager issues aren’t much of a problem for me as I use BOINCtasks for managing the farm most of the time.

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