02 December 2017

2nd of December

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All off.

Nvidia GPUs
All running Asteroids work

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP4 work

Farm news
Everything except the Pis have been off for the last fortnight. It was hot today too, until the rain arrived and cooled things down enough to be able to get the Ryzen’s going. I really need to find an air conditioned computer room somewhere but then electricity costs a lot. Maybe a solar/battery setup would be a better solution.

Pi case
The Pi case hasn’t turned up yet. It should have been printed last week. I will chase the 3D printing place next week. As we’re getting close to the Christmas holidays I want to try and get the prototype running so that I can tweak the design before the end of the year.

I am told if one wanted to make them by injection moulding that it would cost around $20,000 to get mounds made. I would need to sell an awful lot of them or charge $100 each to break even. The 3D printing is costing $209 for a single case. I might be able to reduce that by printing two at a time.

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