25 December 2017

Christmas Day 2017

Farm Status
Intel GPUs
All running Einstein Gamma Ray search

Nvidia GPUs
Off but did a burst of Asteroids work during the week.

Raspberry Pis
Six with fans are running non-stop. The others have been off during the week

Pi to the Power of 4 case
I did another version of my Pi Case - The Mark I. Currently waiting on parts so I can assemble them. I had 3 printed off in one go which dropped the unit price to $177 AUD. Once I have one assembled I will put up photos. One project finished this year.

Other Projects
One of the projects for next year is to sort out an air conditioned computer room so we can crunch 24/7. I’ll probably leave the Raspberry Pis at home but the rest of the farm can be relocated.

Another half-started project is the storage server. Its sitting in its box in the lounge. As its quite heavy it hasn’t made it upstairs yet. I have drives for it. I will probably put a mix of fast HDD’s and slower but larger capacity HDD’s. The idea is it will run ZFS which has the concept of drive pools.

A third project to look at is improved network speeds. I added a 10Gbe network card to the storage server. I probably need another one for the proxy server. I need a 10Gbe switch. The number crunchers can use a gigabit switch with 10Gbe uplinks. I haven’t done anything with this so far as it depends a lot on projects one and two.

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